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i-Boating: a new NaWiFi partner is on board!
New horizons opened up with our i-Boating.
Reasearch and development
NaWiFi has been founded by talented young engineers. Learning through experience has been our only method when developing our product. Yesterday we have tested the heel over resistance of different cup shapes we have long been working with. After paper modeling we took a step forward yesterday. After a lot of design efforts finally plastic models were CNC-d and put to the test. this is where the photos were taken.
NaWiFi likes iRegatta
Make the most out of your iRegatta app, connect it with NaWiFi and enjoy a new type of sailing experience! Don’t let your high-tech mobile rest in the belly of your boat! Use iRegatta with NaWiFi together with your mobile! They are a powerful sailing instrument combo on a reasonable price! All iRegatta customers receive a 10% discount from our retail prices.
NaWiFi sold out! No worries! Solution provided!
As a result of a successful spring campaign NaWiFi ran short on stock! It's our fault! So, we had to make it up ! And we did! Read on!
Blog released
If you are reading this, you have already found it! :-)
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